ya yassen lifespan

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Ch. 16 Carl Gustav Jung

Discussion Board

1.What do we mean when we say that Jung’s theory is deterministic? (Think about the concept of determinism within psychology for your answer.)

2.How might the study of personality be different in a more collectivistic culture?

3.Take the Archetype test (link on slide 6). Do you agree or disagree with the findings? Why or why not?

4.According to Jung, what is individuation and how do we achieve it? Please answer in your own words as much as possible.

5.What was your reaction to what the Tibetan monks (link on slide 11) did with their Mandala?


Copy and paste each question and type your answer below it.

Please answer each question in complete sentences and in your own words. Each answer should be at least one to two paragraphs in length (minimum of 4-6 sentences per paragraph).

Discussion board post due Thursday, April 23 by 8pm.

Response post due Friday, April 24 by 8pm

*Response Posts:

Response posts will include: a) two things you found interesting about the post, and b) two original ideas that you can contribute to the content of the post that may help further the discussion about the topic. Please reference specific information from the post in your responses. Above all, please be respectful in your response posts. Each Response post should be at least two paragraphs in length (4-6 sentences per paragraph), written in complete sentences. *Again, this doesn’t mean that you can’t write more.

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