writing an outline and paper see how many words below

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Part I. Make an outline (50%)

Construct an outline of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968, as presented in this course. Word minimum: 850 words. No maximum.

Part II. Construct an essay (50%)

In a well formed, well written and highly compelling essay, discuss what you take away from this course.

Suggestions: You have wide latitude here, but you might in part talk about whether the stated themes sum up what you gained from the class and why. Or, was it more about a large collection of ideas not part of the stated themes? Was it about many “small” things more than the “large?” Did you take away big ideas not even suggested in the course themes? Or, does talking too much about specific content somewhat miss the point, because maybe you learned something far larger? (Perhaps none of these suggestions work for you, so go your own way if so.)

Again, there is much flexibility here, but your essay must be well written, convincing, persuasive, highly thought provoking, and perhaps even moving, and it should offer the reader meaningful, and even profound lessons and insights. Answers that even get close to the 50 point mark will be of publishable or near publishable quality in an appropriate place (as for example in an imaginary magazine that gives the inside scoop on the rich learning experiences available in specific college courses nationwide.) Whatever you do, avoid broad generalities that are not supported by argument, specifics and evidence. Word minimum 1000 words. No maximum.

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