Write an essay in which you analyze the ethics of eating beef.

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  • treatment of animals
  • the need for halal meat
  • health issues related to eating beef (high calorie)
  • health issues related to eating beef raised in CAFOs (e. coli, use of antibiotics, use of chemicals in meat processing)
  • the relationships between the fast food industry, corporate farming (CAFOs), and the government
  • treatment of farm workers
  • poverty & the connection to eating fast food
  • the movement to eat local organic food
  • production of greenhouse gases
  • hunger (the fact that eating corn, rather than feeding the corn to cows and eating the beef, would feed more people)

Length: 5 pages (double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font).


  • To engage with an important topic.
  • To practice writing about a complex issue.
  • To practice writing an analytical paper.
  • To practice writing based on more than one text.
  • To practice referencing.

SO IMPOTENT: make sure you put me on the right position as a writer to the evidence . so as me personally and in my perspective i love beef BUT i do not like how the cows treated now a days and i do not like the meats thoes days because there are too much chemicals. so be balanced to both side.

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