write a literary analysis of othello

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Write a literary analysis of Othello by answering ONE of the following prompts:

Option 3: Examine the role of race and racism in Othello. How does Othello’s perceived racial difference as a “Moor” influence the way others see him and the way he sees himself? Do race and racism contribute to his tragic downfall?

Your paper should have a clear organizational pattern with an introduction, body paragraphs focusing on one idea each, and a conclusion. Write a thesis statement that makes a debatable claim, and support that thesis in the body of the paper with specific examples and quotations from the play. You can assume that your audience has already read the play you are discussing, so you should avoid summarizing the plot. Instead, focus on analysis, and only discuss those plot details that support your interpretation.

You must also include research from a scholarly book, peer-reviewed journal, or instructor-approved website. Online study guides are not acceptable sources, and any paper using or citing material from an online study guide will not earn a grade higher than a C. Essays containing no research or citations will earn a grade of F. If you find a website outside of Blackboard or the library that you would like to use for your essay, you must receive my approval before turning in the essay.

Use your research to provide historical context, reinforce your claims, or provide a contrasting point of view. Effective essays integrate research into their own writing and show the connections between the author’s own ideas and the ideas they found elsewhere. Include at least one quotation from your secondary source, MLA in-text citations, and an MLA Works Cited page.

Use MLA formatting (12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, MLA header) throughout. This essay should be 3-4 pages long.

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