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Assignment #4: Tableau visualization and advertising budget (12 Points)

Draft 1 is due on April 7 at 11:59am

Final Draft is due on Canvas Tuesday, April 21 at 11:59am

Data and creative design help communication managers to make informed decisions in communications planning, budgeting and optimization of media touchpoints. This assignment will provide each student the opportunity to practice interactive data analysis and decision making. The assignment challenges each student to use the data associated with the tableau software to create three visualizations, and an INTERACTE DASHBOARD that inform decisions on how to spend the company’s advertisement budget.The assignment is accompanied by useful Tableau links that show how to complete different tasks, and sample tableau projects. There are 3 parts to this assignment. See the instructions below.

Part 1: creation of visualizations (3 points)

Please use the Global Superstore data attached to the tableau software to create two visualizations and an interactive Dashboard. Based upon your analysis, advice Global Superstore how to allocate its communications budget moving forward. Your visualization should show the following (a) sales by product category; (b) sales by month; and (c) sales by zip code. This means you are required to create 3 different graphs/charts that answer these questions.

Part 2: creation of a Dashboard (2 points)

Create an interactive Dashboard that show the charts/graphs you created in one platform and properly label each. Please pay attention during the Tableau workshop on Thursday, March 26.

Part 3:Analysis and recommendation (5 points)

This is the descriptive and critical component of the visualizations and dashboard you created. Please describe the visualizations created and the implications for the company’s advertising efforts. Please advise Global Superstore on the following:

  1. What products should receive the highest advertising dollars and why?
  2. Which regions/zip codes should the company concentrate its advisement efforts and why?
  3. Which months should receive the highest advertisement efforts and why? Think about frequency and effective frequency theory.

(d) Share the steps you took in the creation of your analysis and recommendation. This background will put your recommendation in proper perspective, and help your company/stakeholders grasp the importance of your recommendation.

(e) What obstacles did you encounter in the creation of the visualizations and dashboards, and how did you resolve the obstacles?

(f) What lessons did you learn from completing this task.

Length: The length for the written component is maximum of 2 pages double spaced, please include your graphs to your analysis.

Draft 1 is 2 points

Please see Link touseful Tableau resources: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/dataview_examples.html

Sample projects

Tableau Resources:

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