workshop 3

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  1. Post a Google Drive link, with sharing permissions ON to this discussion. Your partner will follow this link to revise your draft and make comments easily on it. You should share 1-2 FULL pages of your work. It doesn’t matter which pages you choose, but if you think a specific section needs to work out some kinks be choosy.
  2. Your partner is listed below, before you start tuning up their work however, read “Getting Your Work in ShapeActions .” Follow the steps outlined, as well as your own intuitive craft knowledge to revise your partner’s draft.
    • Actually revise your partner’s work. DO NOT simply suggest revisions, make revisions. Rewrite the sentences and lines. The revision as a whole should be significant; not just a change of a few words here and there, but a thorough reworking of sentences and lines using the “Getting Your Work in Shape” document.
    • Use boldface, underlining, italics, colored font, comments, or other means (the suggestions tool is very useful) to highlight the changes you’ve made to the text.
    • Feel free to offer a brief explanation of why you made the revisions you did. This is not required, but it could be very useful for the original author’s creative process.

  3. After your partner has revised your work by the date listed below, reflect on the revision you received. Share your reflection in your Google Doc with your creative work. This is not a response written to the person who revised your work. It’s a reflection on the revision itself. In your post, focus on how the revision changes your original vision of your work, for better or worse (it’s OK to be honest).
        • What do you see in the revision that you might be able to apply to the rest of your work, and how might that strengthen your work?
        • What do you see in the revision that changes your vision of what your work is or how it works?
        • Did the revision inspire you to do an overhaul of your work completely?
        • If you feel the revision would drive your work in the wrong direction, explain why you believe you should not follow the direction of the revision.

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