webpage with chat functionality

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Your assignment might require some additional research on the web to determine all information you need to be successful. You should find plenty of videos on Youtube that will assist you. A good approach and determine what knowledge you need, search and study that knowledge (taking notes of course) and then working on the assignment.

Do not submit any code that has errors. If the code does not work, you can comment it out and I will still look at it. However, your score will have a major hit if the code crashes when I run it.

You have decided to both show your skills and hunt for a job using the Internet. You have decided you want to be a node.js, mongoDB, and socket.io programmer. Thus you want to display the knowledge of these skills.

You will use your node.js server to display webpages.

You will use a mongoDB to retrieve information that needs to be displayed or stored.

You will use socket.io to handle any job inquires (via chat).

1. Your website pages must include: A general info page about you (with picture). A job experience (or training) page showing your skills. You can make up some experiences.

A. The general information can be a static page just displayed by node.js.

B. The job experience page MUST be dynamic. It pulls data from a mongodb to display in the webpage.

2. As part of your website, you want any employers to be able to get in touch with you. Thus you are providing a chat service in which they can contact you. This chat service if managed my node.js, mongodb and socket.io.

A. Of course it needs pages to accept a chat and display your response.

B. It must store all chats.

3. Professionalism counts. Get the basics to work. Then go back and clean up your display. You should use HTML and CSS, You probably also want to use ??? because IT MUST display properly in smart phones, tablets, and PC’s.

This assignment is left generic for a reason. It allows you to be creative. I want to see your skills shine!

Place all questions on the discussion board,

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