unit 3 discussion board for itsd 327

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Assignment Details

Assignment Description

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words), and respond to at least 2 peers’ postings (recommended minimum 75 words).

After you have reviewed the Assignment Details below, click the Discussion Board link under the My Work heading above to open the Discussion Board and make your post.

One of the most time-consuming activities for system administrators is installing and updating software throughout a network. Software is updated on a regular basis, and new software is implemented in businesses regularly. Software deployment is a great place to implement scripts, and as a member of your IT group, you have been asked to help find some scripts or scripting tools that will help your company with future software deployment tasks.

  • Use the Library and Internet to find information about scripts or scripting tools to assist in network or Internet deployment and installation of software applications.
  • Select at least 2 scripts or scripting tools for your discussion:
    • Describe script or scripting tool.
    • Discuss the main functionality or features of the script or scripting tool.
    • Identify a scenario where each script or scripting tool would be appropriate to use, and justify your response.
  • Include at least 1 reference to research sources.
  • Cite all references using APA format.
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format should be correct and professional.

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