this is a discussion with two paragraphs so please cover all required

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VIDEO 1) John Stossel Free Market Medicine (Links to an external site.)

VIDEO 2) Sanders vs. Paul (Links to an external site.)

Watch the above videos. Once you have done this click on the above link “Health Care” and create a thread with at least two paragraphs containing the following:

  1. Is there such a thing as “Free” health care? If government guarantees health care for everybody is this free? Use what you have learned thus far about economics to explain.
  2. What does Kennedy suggest “insurance” is supposed to be used for? Do you agree? Should we have health insurance for physician visits and first aid or just catastrophic events.
  3. What advantages would free markets in health care bring? what disadvantages might free markets create?
  4. Presidential contenders Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Rand Paul are often perceived to represent the most extreme ends of the political spectrum in Washington. Based on their contentions, which individual do you believe makes the better argument? Would you favor completely free market health care with no government involvement? What about socialized medicine where all health care is provided by government? Where do you think the majority of Americans stand?

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