ssci308 personal assignment

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Your paper must be word-processed, double-spaced and at least 850 words in length (excluding your name, title, and references). Your paper is worth 100 points.

Start this assignment by drawing a family tree of the family you were born or adopted into, giving for each member of your family, the person’s name, birth date, birthplace, places the person has lived and how long they lived there. Include stories that you think are revealing of your family’s ethnic and/or racial history. Make it nice, you will be submitting a photo or scan copy of your family tree along with your paper.

Then write a brief analysis of your family, focusing on their migration history. Go as back in time as you can. You may have to interview members of your family. Is there a “family historian?” Discuss when your family first came to the area where it now resides. Where did they come from? Why did they come? Where did they settle? What did they do? What skills did they have? How did they acquire these skills? Reflect.

Finally, choose one or more photographs and describe its relevance to your family’s history and to this class.

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