social media project

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Be aware of edits as needed base on my profession comments after submitted.

Detail instruction:

Chosen Company: Amazon

Task: Your “Social media analytical report” will be addressed to the CEO of SocialMarketing. All group members will receive the same grade, which is based on the final report and PowerPoint. No plagiarism. Turn-it-in enabled.

Format: Written Report Paper, and PowerPoint (I need you to write it as a report paper, and then make a Powerpoint presentation base on what you have written. So the report paper have to be longer than what you put in the PowerPoint). APA style. Times New Roman font, 12 pt. At least 1000 words please.

A cover memo describes the purpose of the report, a general discussion about social media technologies and how they are being used, and what industry and company is being evaluated.

Executive Summary: Overall executive summary of the findings

Evaluation of Marketing/Sales (from social media perspective, include 1 graphic) by the following questions:

describe how social media is being used

what technologies are being utilized,

how business processes work,

how effective they are.


Over the last several years, more companies have begun to use social media as part of their overall communication and marketing strategies, and you have been asked to investigate…

    • how successful is their social media campaign,
    • what are the current trends,
    • how companies have changed the way they do business,
    • and what the future looks like in the context of social media use.

Objective of research:

  1. Investigate how your selected company is using social media to enhance communications and business interactions within the company (internal communication: Employee) and externally with partners, vendors, customers, and the community. Social media includes but not limit to: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.…
  2. Investigate the individual company by asking…
    • What specific examples and details is the company using social media?
    • How are they being implemented? Is there a strategy?
    • What are their objectives?
    • Are they successful?
    • What results have they seen that can specifically be tied to social media? Increase in revenue or customer satisfaction?
    • What improvements could they make?

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