social history of spain and portugal age of silver in spain and portugal 1479 to 1789

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Please answer the two questions using the text that has been provided for each question. Please only use the sources provided and no other outside or online sources. Please make sure that the response is at least 6 pages in total, double spaced. Make sure that you place your discussion of these topics within a historical context. Make references to your reading (mostly to the primary sources), but do not be afraid of being creative. What is expected is a serious critical evaluation of the material.

Question 1: Discuss the role of Muslims, Mudejars, and Moriscos in Spanish Society until their expulsion in the early seventeenth century. Sources:(see chapters on violence in Ruiz’s Spanish Society). Muslims.pdf,

Question 2: How were festivals deployed in Spanish society for hegemonic purposes? How were they scripted? How did festivals evolve from the late Middle Ages into the early modern period? What do these changes tell you about the nature of power? Make reference to the documents attached (the biography of Pero Niño, Manrique’s poem), and the chapters in Spanish Society. On festivities

Once again the response needs to be 6 pages in total. Thank you!

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