soc 3330 sociology of health and illness patients and biomedicine

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SOC 3330 Sociology of Health and Illness

Assignment 2: Patients and Biomedicine

Scholars argue that starting in the 1980s, patients questioned the superiority and effectiveness of biomedicine and started to be more active and informed in their health care.

Find an online health community/patient organization for a particular disease, i.e. diabetes, a specific cancer, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc…There are thousands of support/advocacy groups online. Look over the webpages of the patient organization, ponder the information you received in class, and then discuss these questions:

  • What are the main concerns of the patients and what do they try to achieve?
  • How important is expertise and knowledge to achieve their goals/rights?
  • Do you think lay people can fully understand medical literature and make “informed decisions”?
  • Why could it be beneficial that patients are more active and participate in decision-making in health care?
  • How should doctors react to informed patients who have extensively researched their ailments?
  • Do you think patients today are more active in their health care and more dissatisfied with biomedicine? What do you think are the main reasons patients are dissatisfied with biomedicine?

Please write a 3 page paper for this assignment. The paper is due Sunday, 5/4/2020,by 11:55 PM. Follow normal expectations for a college paper:Please, write an essay-style paper with full sentences. All papers have to be type-written, spell-checked, and proofread.The font should be 12, line-spacing 1.5. You are expected to use ASA format for citations and references, if applicable (ASA style – a brief outline of ASA style is posted on your Moodle). Students should retain a copy of the paper. Please, put your name and the title of the course on the paper.

Evaluation Criteria (Total: 25 points):

1. Completion of assignment – answering conclusively questions (10 points)

2. Critical thinking – applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion (7 points)

2. Concise and clear argumentation; well-structured paper(4 points)

4. Format. Name, title of paper, date, spelling, proofreading, grammar, correct and complete references (if applicable). (4 points)

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