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Research Questions


In this discussion, you will begin to lay the foundation for your course assignments. The purpose of the course assignments is to help you understand how a quantitative and qualitative research approach or perspective can address the same topic. The topic you choose for your course assignments is for practice; you should not feel obligated to this choice for your dissertation.

What is the purpose of the research?

  • Qualitative
    • To describe and explain.
    • To explore and interpret.
    • To test theory.
      • Quantitative is inductive in nature and is often used when the researcher does not know what exists to explore the field.

The following research questions may examine the same research area of interest, but each question implies different methodologies to capture the data.

  • Research Question 1: Do children of parents who rate themselves above average on the physical discipline scale exhibit greater numbers of aggressive acts toward their peers when compared to children of parents who rate themselves lower than average on the physical discipline scale?
  • Research Question 2: Do teachers report higher levels of aggression for children whose parents have been reported as physically abusive when compared to children whose parents have not been reported as physically abusive?


For this discussion:

Draft two research questions. One question should approach the topic from a qualitative perspective and the other from a quantitative perspective.

  1. Post your topic and research questions.
  2. Explain why you consider one a qualitative question and the other quantitative. Support your decisions with references to the course readings, using proper APA style.

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