Powerpoint presentation on Healthcare, Economy, and National Security, political science homework help

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You are a White House Staff Member working for a newly inaugurated President. The President is preparing the first “State of the Union” address to Congress which will outline the president’s vision for addressing current issues facing the United States.

You will research issues to create the President’s address. The president is not a dictator. The proposals must consider the Constitution, relevant court rulings, and public opinion.

After you have completed your research of the issues, you will then create a PowerPoint presentation reflecting your proposed State of the Union address. Think of it as your TV infomercial promoting your plan, and use it to grab the public’s attention.

The President (your class instructor) will then review your PowerPoint presentation to make sure it accurately addresses the issues facing America within the context of what is allowed under the U.S. Constitution.

Healthcare (provided)

Economy (provided)

National Security (provided)


– At least nine slide. Title slides and reference slides aren’t part of the slide count.

– Each topic will have three slide minimum, one to illustrate the problem, one to illustrate the preferred solution, and one to illustrate the opposing solution.

– At least one use of animation or sound should be used within the final product.

– Design and build a presentation that represents each of the above issues and proposed solutions.

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