pollution climate change ppt

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the idea is helping hire homeless/ low wage people to clean pollution in Philadelphia

please also provide some script for each slide

In your group, prepare a 5-10 minute pitch that tells us about your business and why we should invest. Please do not go over 10 minutes or you will be marked down. Be creative in engaging your audience in a virtual format. Please include the following points.

  • Identify the specific problem or need your business addresses
  • Describe your customers/users
  • Brainstorm different business solutions to the problem (show the ideas you were thinking about)
  • Identify competitors (existing solutions)
  • The business solution you focus on, how it is new and innovative, and how it meets the definition of a social enterprise
  • Identify the outcomes and impact you hope to have, and how you will measure them (KPIs)
  • Develop a business model canvas (BMC) for the idea that differentiates you from competitors*
  • Business can be a nonprofit but cannot be driven solely by donations without any creative business model attached
  • Every group member should speak during the video

Please be mindful that while some visuals should be included in the presentation submitted, going over a whole BMC in a presentation is boring and would take a while. Include highlights in the talking points while including the complete information in the presentation file (can be an appendix).

Easiest way to record your presentation:

  • In Zoom (zoom.temple.us), schedule a new meeting and then start the meeting. Make sure to click record to the Cloud. Share your screen and give your presentation – then post the link that you get from Zoom over email a few minutes after. If you want to cut the video or do the presentation more than once, when you click on the email link and play the video from that screen, you can set the playback window using the scissors icon. You can play the video and set the beginning and end without even downloading the video.

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