please read and watch attached and answer questions

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Media Technology as an Active Participant in Global Communication

Please read Spitulnik, “Mobile Machines and Fluid Audiences.” Then answer, in two sentences each, the following questions:

  1. How do “certain features of media technology enable or inhibit audience engagement?”
  2. What role does “social context” play in peoples’ media reception?
  3. How has the medium of radio been transformed and integrated into Zambian daily life?

“Is the Medium the Message?”

Please read the chapter and watch the video links for McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message” and then, in two sentences each, answer the following questions:

  1. Are the tools of technology objective?
  2. How might media technologies be implicated in changing society far beyond simply the messages they convey?
  3. How are both media messages and the technologies that carry them intertwined?

Please read through Thussu’s chapter “The Globalization of Bollywood” paying attention to the highlights in my copy. As we move into our second section of the course on the transmission of global media. Pay attention to Thussu’s explanation of the global spread of Bollywood and the socio-economic “mechanisms” as well as the mediums that make it possible.

Then answer ONE of the following questions in a short 3-4 sentence paragraph:

What took you by surprise in Thussu’s chapter?

What did you learn from Thussu’s chapter?

for the photo uploads, please read in order. Thank you

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