pcmp report and presentations with written speech

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For your final presentation you will submit for grading:
– Final version of your Project Charter
– Final version of PCMP (Excel)

– Final version of PowerPoint presentation that answers the Project Topics below (also found in Lesson 1 folder):
• What are you asking from us, the Steering Committee?
• What should we know – why should we support your project?
• Who are your key stakeholders? Why?
• What information/key messages do they need to know? Why and how?

• Any communication risk/issues you anticipate with stakeholders? How do you address?

Charter feedback:

I have a better idea of the project scope that will be the basis for your project communication management plan (PCMP).

– Good topic and organization of choice in your analysis
– Timeline seems reasonable
– Perhaps add more detailed on how your project will benefit your stakeholders and what impact they can expect as a result of your project
– For stakeholders, what about Finance or source of investment/funds?
– For benefits, ensure some of the benefits can be measurable

PCMP feedback:

Here are some questions that you can think through and embed into your final project as you continue your research and analysis.

For your PCMP, consider:
– What about the finance and funding stakeholder and communications
– Have you considered a pilot – start w small test to gain experience and lessons learned?
– Who is responsible for product design / user experience / analytics?
– How do you communicate to promote adoption and usage?
– Any other end users?

Overall good progress. The goal in this course is to ensure you have an understanding of all the considerations needed to create a project communications management plan (PCMP).

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