paper on d day and beyond the things our fathers saw the untold stories of the world war ii

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write a four page argumentative paper which is double spaced, paragraphs indented, times-roman 12 point font,with one inch margins. Be sure to cite your information at the end of every paragraph to show specifically where your material comes from. be sure to use page numbers to show specifically where your material comes from. your citation might look like this (Rozell,2019,27-28) If you give no page numbers it is as if you didn’t cite the book at all. You may have no more than two quotes for the paper which must run no longer than three lines each. Rozell discusses the background before each chapter to the campaign that the following oral history accounts talk about. he will also give you a brief background of each solider. You can refer to some of this information in your paper but don’t make this information most of your paper. In creating your argument and writing your paper you must refer to specific soldiers oral history memories. Because this is a book about how veterans remembered their experiences in World War II, this must be a primary focus in your paper. Here are some questions to help you create the arguement. You a certainly welcome to come up with your own idea. Keep in mind that you must focus on the war in Europe.

1. Compare two or more soldiers in how they experinced the war what attriubutes best helped them survive? How did they account for some people surving and others not.

2. What attitude did soldiers have regarding their enemy?

3. What attitude did soldiers have regarding officers directly in charge?

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