online physics test 2 and half hours

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I will upload the test when it open, it will open 9.50 am, now is 1.50 pm, so I will get it 8 hours later.

handwrite and take the picture, please write the process!!!

when you get the test , you have 2 and half hours to finish it.

As usual, the preferred upload format is ONE file in PDF format (which is what most people have been doing).

If you don’t have a scanner, you can take pictures with your cellphone. When taking pictures with your cellphone, please take good pictures of the test page ONLY. You can paste those pictures onto a Word file, save the Word file in PDF format and then upload.

Here are the sections/topics that will be on the test:

CH 10 (Fluids):
10-2: Density and Specific Gravity (density only)
10-3: Pressure in Fluids
10-4: Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure
10-5: Pascal’s Principle
10-7: Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle
10-8: Fluids in Motion: Flow Rate and the Equation of Continuity
10-9: Bernoulli’s Equation
10-10: Applications of Bernoulli’s Principle

CH 11 (Oscillations and Waves):
11-1: Simple Harmonic Motion-Spring Oscillations
11-2: Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
11-3: The Period and Sinusoidal Nature of SHM
11-4: The Simple Pendulum
11-7: Wave Motion
11-8: Types of waves and Their Speeds: Transverse and Longitudinal
11-9: Energy Transported by Waves
11-10: Reflection and Transmission of Waves
11-11: Interference
11-12: Standing Waves; Resonance

CH 12 (Sound):
12-1: Characteristics of Sound
12-2: Intensity of Sound: Decibels,
12-4: Sources of Sound: Vibrating Strings and Air Columns
12-6: Interference of Sound Waves; Beats

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