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Purpose: Opportunity to critically evaluate nutrition information that is published on the internet. Use evidence-based professional resources on the internet to research and evaluate web-based nutrition information to assist you in making informed decisions about nutrition related topics in the future.


  • Select an internet article or nutrition blog (not a professional peer reviewed research journal article) providing some type of nutrition information you are curious about.

-At the beginning of your evaluation, you will include the URL link and the name of the website, title of your article or blog, and date it was retrieved from the web. This will allow easy access for us review your article or blog.

-Nutrition topic examples may include prenatal nutrition, sports nutrition, weight management or specific topics such as the gut biome, probiotics or any nutrition topic you are interested in.

  • Part A includes 6 questions. Read over the entire internet article (or blog) and answer each question. You do not have to retype the questions; just identify the question number and provide your answer (about 2-3 sentences in length).

-Do not omit any questions in your evaluation answers. If a question is not applicable indicate with ‘NA’, as a skipped question will result in no credit.

  • Locate 3 statements (pieces of information) that are included in the article you selected. Example “will turn fat to muscle…” or “it has been found that not getting enough sleep at night can make you overweight”. Be sure to list the exact statement in quotations for each one.
  • Part B includes evaluating each of the 3 statements using professional websites or journal articles and discussing whether each statement (piece of information) is valid based on the information you found from the professional source (professional source should have been published in the last 5-10 years).
  • Professional sources

vPeer Reviewed Sources: You can use or Google Scholar

and key words to search for research articles such as Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, New England Journal of Medicine, etc. Use APA format to cite the reference with the name of the author(s), title of the research article, name of Journal, year, volume number and pages.

vNutrition Text: Nutrition Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food

– Can only be used ONE time as a professional source. (Use APA citation with page number)

vProfessional Internet websites: Examples are, WebMD, American Heart Ass.,, Provide the complete URL for the web address in an APA format.

oBe aware of sites associated with selling specific products (not a professional website)

oWikepedia is not acceptable as the information is open for anyone to edit.

® Part C: Conclusions- summarize accuracy of article(blog), recommendations & reflection.

the instructions are in Nutrition on the Net SP 20.doc. and the answer should be in the Nutrition on the Net SP 20 Template.doc

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