nr506np 1277 nursing barriers to practice

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(Nursing Barriers to Practice Q&A)

(Most answers available online)

(No Words Limit, APA Format)


Subject of the paper: Barriers to Practice (State of Florida) Q&A

Requirement: You will find most of the answers online. Make sure you are referring to the state of Florida, and not to any other state .ONLY ABOUT FLORIDA. The following questions need to be answered in the paper (make sure it is clear what question you are referring too):

  1. Identify and describe practice barriers for APNs in Florida and discuss these barriers on a state and national level.
  2. Identify forms of competition on the state and national level that interfere with APN’s ability to practice independently.
  3. Identify the lawmakers at the state level (i.e., key members of the state’s legislative branch and executive branch of government)
  4. Discuss interest groups that exist at the state and national levels that influence APN policy.
  5. Discuss methods used to influence change in policy in forms of competition, state legislative and executive branches of government and interest groups. [ for this one use an up to date scholarly reference,no older than 5 years old]

In all the situations please list the reference from where you took and also add in text citations. This means that for each question you should have at least 1 (or more ) references and in text citations. Don’t use the same reference for 2 questions.

Other information: Write is as a Q&A (no need for introduction and conclusion). Stay on topic and make sure that everything is answered as expected. I hardly believe that you can answer the questions in less than 5-6 sentences /each. You should deliver full work.

References which might be essential:

Buppert, C. (2017). Nurse practitioner’s business practice & legal guide (6th ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

  • Chapter 12: Law Making and Health Policy

Letz, K. (2017). The NP guide: Essential knowledge for nurse practitioner practice. (3rd ed.). American College of Nurse Practitioner Faculty.

  • Chapter 1: The Role of the NP in the current Health Care Environment

Teitelbaum, J. B., & Wilensky, S. E. (2017). Essentials of health policy and law (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

  • Chapter 1: Understanding the Role of and Conceptualizing Health Policy and Law, Chapter 2: Policy and Policy Making Process


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted
  • The attached document represents the rubric

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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