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1. What percent of Mexico’s population is responsible for feeding the
people of Mexico?

2. After Japan’s defeat in WW2 a new constitution was implemented by the United States and its allied forces. The new Constitution imposed the following reforms on this Island nation which are?

3. During their height of imperialism, the British
once subjugated ___________ million souls

4. Prior to this invention,
the vast majority of people could not read or write.  Name the invention
and the person who is credited with its introduction in the West:
Which class is most likely to be the first
to engage in cultural contact in early European expansion?
Besides sociologists, who else study “man in
the street” issues?
7. Before the Brown vs. the
Board of Education of Topeka decision by the U.S. Supreme court, “separate but
equal” educational facilities were the law of the land. This landmark decision
gave American blacks the legal right to attend previously non-integrated,
primarily all white schools, which had adequate material and immaterial means
to educate their pupils. What year was this ruling established?
Define ethnocentrism
9. Although Japan is a largely
homogeneous society, few minority groups face discrimination in this country: True or False and explain.
10. What is a cultural more in
the United States?

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