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I need to make ppt presentation of my parts of the audit paper the Business introdouction & S.W.O.T analysis

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Audit Paper attached

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes for each teams and an additional 10 minutes for Q&A.

Rubric of points

Business Intro/Overview 5 *****
Competitive Climate 15
Marketing & Operations 15
Results/Analysis of Surveys 15
SWOT 10 ***
Conclusion/Recommendation 30
Mechanics 10

Project Overview

You will act as Internet marketing consultants and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your clients Internet marketing strategies. Throughout the project, identify what recommendations you can provide the client to improve operations and marketing strategies

Project Report

Your report should be made up of the following sections:

BUSINESS INTRODUCTION – Name; Location; Years in business; whether the business is franchised, independent, or company owned; Mission statement if one exists; Number of employees; Number of marketing employees and how they’re trained; Number of supervisory/managerial personnel; Products, brands, and/or services sold; How the business promotes itself both online and offline.

COMPETITIVE CLIMATE – Who are the competitors, where are they located, and what brands do they sell? What is the positioning of the client compared to the competition (intended positioning as well as how the customers see it I.e., Brand Identity vs Brand Image)? In what ways is the client superior to the competition I.e., web presence, audience attraction, brands carried, pricing, customer service, etc.? How did customers become aware of the client business?

MARKETING & OPERATIONS – Report all observations resulting from the points identified in your Marketing & Operations section. This will make up the bulk of your written report.

RESULTS OF SURVEY – Report significant findings from your survey of 30 customers. Did men, women, or different age groups respond differently? Identify any noticeable trends resulting from your data.

SWOT ANALYSIS – Present a formal SWOT analysis of the business.

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS – This is the cornerstone of your analysis. Your value as Internet marketing consultants to your client is dependent on how insightful you are in this section. Essentially, your client wants to learn how to run their business more efficiently and effectively. Provide thoughtful advice on how to: increase revenue, attract new customers, retain existing customers, better motivate employees, optimize marketing and operations, and increase brand equity while at the same time maintaining low operating costs.

All groups will present their project report to the rest of the class via PowerPoint, Videos, Handouts, etc.

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