identifiable psychological disorder

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ind a person who has an identifiable psychological disorder (see Chapter 14). You can find such a person in many sources such as a movie, a book, an article (magazine or online but it would be something detailed not just a few sentences).

Watch or read your source and tie in what you learn to the material from chapters 14, 15 and 13 (Ch 11 may also be useeful).

Write a paper using all the correct formatting we have talked about which follows the outline below.

1. Describe the behavior and/or mental processes that lead you to believe the person has the disorder.

a. Explain what the disorder it in general (Ch 14). and ….

b. analyze how this person in particular fits the diagnosis

2. Describe the possible causes for the disorder (rational can be found in any of the chapters above depending on what the cause is)

a. possible causes in general and

b. what they were for this person, if the information in available in your source.

3. Describe the person’s personality on at least 3 of the 5 Big-Five model dimensions and discuss whether these have something to do with the disorder, it’s onset or it’s progression.

4. Relate to personality and treatment approaches

a. Discuss how a personality approach/approaches would explain the cause of the disorder and

b. what treatment this/these approach/es would propose. if the treatment was shown/discussed in your source you can use that but make sure to describe it and explain why that was appropriate (or not) in this case.

Double space the paper and use a normal 12 point font. Cite sources in the text AND list them in the references section at the end. At the very least you should cite (AND USE!) the book and the source for your information about the person with the disorder. If you are writing about a person you know make sure it is clear in the paper but that the person is not identifiable.

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