icj project

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Your individual final paper should be 6-7 pages in length, have a complete bibliography attached, and conform to the Chicago Style Manual with respect to format and style (citations, page layout, etc.).

The focal points of the International Law & ICJ Project are key areas of international law, primary relevant cases, legal documents, and an experiential learning dynamic of practicing international law. For the project each person will be researching specific areas and cases of international law and then engaging in an International Court of Justice simulation as either a judge or representative of an international organization for a specific international legal situation. There is a 6-7 page paper associated with this project. Details of each component are provided below.

The Court proceedings will take place during the last two weeks of the semester. This allows for the maximum amount of preparation and application of all appropriate course content and materials. Thus, the International Law & ICJ Case Project serves as the culminating activity for the course by drawing together all of its various components.

Your role:

Judge – These papers should accomplish two intertwined tasks:

a.Discuss the relevant international legal documents, issues, and cases but without losing impartiality, that is you should not prejudge the case in your analysis or commentary.

b.Discuss the functions and operations of the ICJ with a particular emphasis on the role of the judges and advisory opinions.


a.What are the functions of the ICJ; how does it operate? And, what are the responsibilities of a judge on the Court?

b.What are the key legal issues or contexts within which the request for the advisory opinion falls?

c.What international legal documents – treaties, conventions, covenants, etc. – are relevant for the issues identified?

d.What are some exemplary cases that have been or are being adjudicated by any of the various international legal bodies (ICJ, ICC, European Court system, Inter-American Court system, Arab League, African Union, etc.)?

Attached are the papers previously written for the class and may help.

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