HIST 115 Grossmont College Chapter 6 & 7 Haiti Revolution Discussion

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Answer the following questions: Provide detail, examples, and explanations from the reading. Write in paragraph form (no bullet points). Use the reading only. Do not use outside (internet) sources. One paragraph per question. Use the reading only cited by name and page or by using the proper citation. ( provide in-text citations with author/title and page #) Read Chapter 6-7 Blood & Fire. follow the instruction, please



1. Discuss how the French Revolution influenced the Haitian Revolution. Give specific examples.

2. Discuss how the Haitian Revolution caused fear of Slave revolt in the United States. How did the Southern States respond? Was this only a Southern response or did the United States support the revolution? How long did it take for the United States to recognize Haitian independence?

3. After Latin American countries achieved independence, what were some of the economic, political, and social challenges? Discuss economic Progress, Conservatism, and social inequality.

4. Explain the relationship between Church and State in Mexico. How did this relationship fuel conservative backlash to liberalism?

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