help with q amp a on electronic frontier foundation eff

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please provide answer under the questions. provide references…. see attachment for more detail

part one

4. describe the EFF’s mission statement.

5. explain the privacy issues in the case study.

6. identify the U.S. citizen privacy law violations in the case study and the implications those violations have on privacy and confidential information

part 2:

1. What is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s mission statement?

2. Did the U.S. government violate the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens by ordering the NSA to review consumer confidential privacy information?

3. Why is the Hepting v. AT&T case crucial to the long-term posture of how the U.S. government can or cannot review consumer confidential information?

4. If Hepting v. AT&T results in “Big Brother” being allowed to eavesdrop and/or review the local and toll telephone dialing and bills of individuals, will U.S. citizens and consumers have any privacy rights left regarding use of communication technologies?

5. What are the legal implications of consumer privacy information being shared?

6. What are the ethical implications of consumer privacy information being shared?

7. What are the information systems security implications of consumer information being shared?

8. What law allowed a federal judge to dismiss Hepting v. AT&T and other lawsuits against telecommunication service providers participating in the warrantless surveillance program authorized by the President?

9. True or false: EFF claimed that the ruling set forth by FISAAA was unconstitutional?

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