financial analysis of walt diney compared to its peers prefer someone who can understand finance a little 2 3 pages

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In this part you will compare Walt Disney’s financial statement to other companies such as Six Flags, Time Warner, and CBS. You need actual data for this part. you can use the following links to get:

revenues (year 2016 to 2018) , operating profit (2016-2018), gross profit (2016-2018). Now to make it easier I have some of these information and I will attach it as photos. I need you to write about it and compare the values to Walt disney. I need a proper financial analysis about 2 pages. the quality matters over the quantity (keep that in mind)! also they will check for plagiarism.

I am going to attach Boeing financial analysis as an example and you could use this to write about walt disney. The Walt disney case study that I attached is the whole assignment but since this is a group project my part is the financial comparison of Walt disney to its peers.

Is Disney liquid compared to its peers.

Does Disney manage its assets

effectively compared to its peers?

Does Disney’s debt load suggest trouble paying its creditors.

Compare Disney’s profitability to its peers

after you answer these questions there is one more question and I need a different page for this:

are you willing to invest in the company stock, describe your role in creating the analysis, peer review (this is describing what you did earlier in the project which is the questions before)

You can use yahoo finance to get data: (Links to an external site.)

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