financial accounting assignment 13

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Greetings ,

this assignment is about reading and understanding the financial statements. The assignment aims at making sure that students clearly understand and able to read and interpret financial statements.


1. Go to TADWUL website

2. Click on main market issuers and choose and go to issuers directory

3. from company list page, choose a specific industry (industry group) and then select two companies from one group.

4. go to the financial statements of each company, download and make sure sure that you are downloading the latest annual statements (financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2018).

5. apply the financial statement analysis tools that you have studied in chapters 11 (Cash flow statement) and 12 (Financial Statement Analysis). ” see attachment “

6. Follow the same techniques and procedures as the one we already discussed during our classes.

7. After applying each technique/procedure, make sure that you write your comments and explain your understanding of the numbers you generate.

8. Report what you have done and the results you have achieved in one report that starts as following:

Section 1:Title of the report.

Section 2: Goal of the report

Section 3: the industry group that you choose (name and why did you choose it)

Section 4: Companies that you choose, (Names and why you did you choose them).

Section 5: Vertical analysis for the two companies (income statement and balance sheet)

Section 6: Horizontal Analysis for each company )Income statement and balance sheet)

Section 6: Ration Analysis (Risk and profitability).

Section 7: analysis of Cash Flow Statement as of chapter 11. ” see attachment “

Section 8: Conclusion

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