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(1000 Words Paper) Be sure to tell me which analysis (in the excel) is used for the paper. It is Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.

Write about anything that stands out on each of the excel spreadsheets. For example, when you look at your company’s income statement, have profits decreased or increased? What about sales? Do you notice any expenses increasing or decreasing from one year to the next? See if you can notice any big changes in account values over the periods you are evaluating (analyzing) and then discuss it in your paper and do that for each sheet you have in excel. You should have IS Analysis, BS Analysis, SCF Analysis, Vertical IS Analysis, Vertical BS Analysis, Horizontal IS Analysis, Horizontal BS6

Analysis, Proforma Analysis, Ratio Analysis and Stock Analysis. Those might be considered sub-headings in your paper.

Then discuss asset acquisition and other financial information

• Provide financial analysis about financial status of your company in the paper. Look into areas such as,

but not limited to: asset analysis, capital investment plans, current and/or future financial plans (acquisition/growth strategies, stock/bond issues, etc.), past/present financial issues. (Bankruptcy, lawsuits or other legal issues, mergers, international issues, etc.)

Then 3 strategies on what financial direction you think the firm should go

• Provide discussion regarding the direction your group thinks the company should go based on your

analysis. This will involve specific and detailed strategies (at least 3) you believe the company should


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