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You will identify a specific topic or issue from the Fadiman book and that will serve as the basis for writing an original essay from an anthropological perspective.


  • Read Anne Fadiman’s book. In order to maximize your engagement with the book’s content, it is important be an active reader. This involves critically analyzing the content of the text and assessing the effectiveness of the author in accomplishing the objectives of the book within the context of its disciplinary value. In other words, at the most basic level, what makes (or doesn’t make) this a good book within the context of medical anthropology? To start, be sure to take note of the key ideas and your thoughts while reading the book. Start jotting things down and keep a notepad nearby as you begin reading. This collection of thoughts will assist you in brainstorming an essay topic and developing your essay outline.
  • Select a topic or issue addressed by the book that you would like to learn more about. This will become the basis for your essay.
    • In addition to reading the book, it would be a good idea to look at the lecture topics and readings listed in the winter term course syllabus (you might even consider reading ahead to topics that you are curious about). Can you identify a research topic in the book that you find particularly interesting? Can you connect a topic that is addressed by Fadiman’s book that relates to/is relevant to a theme (or themes) that we’ve discussed in class or that have been brought up in the assigned readings? What kind of information do you need to find out more about your selected research topic or issue in order to be able to examine it from an anthropological perspective?
  • Conduct library research to refine your topic.

a. Use the knowledge and skills that you learned while completing Assignment 3 to search

the library databases to identify relevant peer-reviewed sources that will help you tofurther contextualize/expand your understanding of your selected topic and that will help to support/reinforce your arguments.

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