dna and protein synthesis

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This is a lab assignment, detailed questions are post in the attached file. Need to finish Part 1 until Part 4

Here is part of question 1 for brief look if you can work this assignment or not.

The goals of this lab are:

1.To gain a basic understanding of the structure of DNA, RNA, and Proteins.

2.To gain a basic understanding of DNA replication and protein synthesis.


This lab describes the structures and functions of DNA and RNA, the chemical molecules that carry hereditary information from generation to generation and allow it to be used in building and running the bodies of living things.

Terms you need to know for this lab:

Codon: Three mRNA bases that specify an amino acid.

Anticodon: tRNA that bases that match Codon.

Nucleotide: Basic unit of DNA or RNA: a sugar, a phosphate, and a base.

Base Pair: A nucleotide and its paired opposite in DNA, used as a measure of length in DNA.

Amino Acid: component of a protein.

Polypeptide Chain: A string of amino acids.

Genetic Code: List of codons and the amino acids they code for.

Gene: DNA sequence that codes for a protein.

Part 1: DNA Structure – Storage of Information

The simplest functional subunit of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is called a nucleotide, ‘nucleo’ referring to the nucleus, and ‘tide’ meaning a division. A nucleotide is made up of: 1) one phosphate molecule (P); 2) one sugar molecule,called deoxyribose (S); and 3) one nitrogenous base (B).




B Base

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the structure of a nucleotide. A nucleoside is a subdivision of a nucleotide that consists of one nitrogenous base bonded to one sugar, but lacks the phosphate.

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