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Part I :

How stressed are you? Please complete the following test to determine your stress level: https://www.bemindfulonline.com/test-your-stress/

Discuss where your stress level is currently. How you can lower it or maintain it? What lifestyle changes might you need to make?

Part II:

The United States is listed as number 15 on the National Happiness Rankings scale (as seen in your text) when compared to other countries. Why do you think we are not number 1 on this scale? Google the country listed as number 1 and compare them to the US, take note of what you see as the key difference that makes the US less happy. Please answer this in at minimum one paragraph.

Part III

In your last paragraph discuss your personal happiness. Begin by taking the Happiness quiz: https://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/science-of-happiness/happiness-quiz/

What did your results conclude? How do you become and maintain happiness? Do you feel this might be the key to good mental health?

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