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Discussion 1- A facility layout should provide an logical relationship between raw material, equipment, manpower and product flows at minimal cost under maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. An efficient and effective facility layout will provide the following objectives:

  • To provide optimum space to organize equipment and facilitate movement of goods and to create safe and comfortable work environment.
  • To promote order in production towards a single objective
  • To reduce movement of workers, raw material and equipment
  • To promote safety of plant as well as its workers
  • To facilitate extension or change in the layout to accommodate new product line or technology upgradation
  • To increase production capacity of the organization

With respect to a current or previous employer, how well did the layout of their facilities achieve these objectives?

Discussion 2-Production planning is the systematic and strategic design of production processes that can produce products and deliver services quickly, precisely, and efficiency that achieve a set of common objectives. The principle objective of this process is to stay competitive.

A successful process design has to take into account the appropriateness of the process to overall organization objective. Process design requires a broad view of the whole organization and should not have a myopic outlook. And the process should deliver customer value with constant involvement of the management at various stages.

In order to achieve a good process design, effective process strategy is required, which deals with a singular line items required to manufacture the end product. Effective process strategy deals with raw material procurement, customer participation, technology investment, etc.

  • What product or service offerings does the industry you desire to work in provide the marketplace?
  • What type of processes are most frequently utilized?
  • How would you control the production process to assure a positive response from customers?
  • What degree of flexibility is demanded of these process by their marketplace?

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