discussion aging

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Talk with your family and friends, search the web, read the newspaper, etc. to find a story on

aging and physical health. The story that you find should have experienced by an older adult

(older than 65 years of age) and should be of an amazing feat. For example:


The feat you choose to focus on for this Lab can be past or present…the date doesn’t matter, just as long as the feat was completed when the person was 65+ years of age.

1. Do some research on the person who completed the feat-provide background

information on this person and any demographic information you can find. [10 points]

2. What feat was accomplished? Explain the feat in detail; including dates, locations,

preparations, previous attempts, etc. [10 points]

3. Explain why you feel this is even more amazing because it is an older adult. Connect to

your knowledge of how fitness and wellness change across the lifespan. Use class

materials and lecture information to inform your responses. [16 points]

4. What is one ‘amazing feat’ that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime (this can

be at any age and can involve any dimension of wellness – i.e. it does not have to be a

physical feat)? Provide the following details: by what age would you like to complete

this? What barriers (if any) stand between you and achieving this goal? What concrete

steps can you take today (identify at least 2) to start you on the right path to achieve

this feat? [14 points]

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