create our own joomla template using html and css 3

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Create a new sub folder in the templates folder. The name of the sub folder must be your TU user id

create template code using HTML and CSS

code in the author tag must be your full name, example: <author>your full name</author>

finished site should look similar to image 8.8 on page 205 in the book and must include at a minimum the following

a grid system of 3 columns and 3 rows (9 grid areas)

9 grid areas must all have content (articles or other modules)

for easier identification, please simplify the text in the article and begin each article according to the position it is shown in, such as “this is text appearing in upper left grid area”

1 image of yourself (displayed either in an article or in another module somewhere on the main screen)

must have one element in each of the defined grid areas (3 columns, 3 rows – 9 grid areas)

Turn in a word document with all required screen prints and attached code files as listed below:

  • prt screen/screen shot of Joomla! Template Manager listing your template (your TU username) as the default template
  • prt screen/screen shot of your site as displayed in a browser
  • prt screen/screen shot of the folder contents of your template folder (the folder named with your TU username)
  • prt screen/screen shot of the template layout in the joomla template manager (when clicking on the eye next to the template name)
  • prt screen/screen shot of index.php code (add to word file)
  • prt screen/screen shot of templateDetails.xml code (add to word file)

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