create a task plan

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Tasks are the most basic building blocks of any project – tasks represent the work to be done to accomplish the project deliverables. They are units of work to accomplish the Charter. Each task must be:

  • Measurable: Can it be measured and tracked?
  • Assignable: Can it be assigned to one or more people to perform?
  • Work independent: Is it separable enough to avoid confusion, accountability, and measurement?

Like your WBS, Task Plans are hierarchal in nature. It is important to remember that the 100% rule applies to the activity or task level too. The work represented by the activities in each work package must add up to 100% of the work necessary to complete the work package.

Here are the basic elements to include in the Task Plan:

  • Task ID
  • Task Summary
  • Duration
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Predecessor
  • Resource (members of the Project Team responsible for accomplishing the task)

Also include borders to separate, and color to distinguish sections would be a great addition if you go that route. Here’s an example of a task plan. (Links to an external site.) For your submission, follow the naming convention: LastName_MGMT260_Task Plan

Here’s another example – House Task Plan Example.pdf

Please note, the WBS structure needed is attached as a document to create the task plan for opening up an averaged size coffee shop. Also note the time frame should be in present tense meaning it should be in 2020 and moving forward. The resources should be team member on team when building up the coffee shop so not exactly what the template provides.

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