country overview digital presentation argentina

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Formatting of GIP – Country Overview Digital Presentation

NOTE: all information in the slides/pages/etc must be cited (in-text format, including images), with a References slide/page at the end of the presentation.

I.Introduction – Country name, map, flag (1-3 slides)

II.Brief Historical Overview (short bulleted text, paraphrased in your own words, cited) (1-3 slides)

III.Cultural Values – Present three significant cultural values of your country. Provide specific examples of how each value is demonstrated in the culture (specific examples could appear in the country’s norms, laws, gender expectations, social structures, etc. For a review on cultural values, see chapter 3. (1-2 slides for each cultural value and examples). Cite your sources.

IV.Data Snapshot of the Country – Create a visually appealing snapshot of your country using all the datapoints from your Data Chart assignment. (Maybe a chart, graph or images to accompany different data points.) You may organize data in this section by theme, or topic. Get creative! Don’t just copy/paste from your assignment!! (Don’t include data for the US.) (This could be several slides, depending on how you organize it.)

V.Looking deeper: “Strengths and Challenges”. Identify the three biggest strengths for your GIP country in terms of sociological issues and the three greatest challenges. Name each of them and provide supporting data and specific evidence as to why these issues are challenges or strengths. Each challenge or strength should fill up about one slide detailing the issue, and including supporting evidence. (at least 6 slides – one per issue.)

VI.References Slide –Each slide within the presentation must contain short-form citations for each fact/data/statement (consider these the “in-text citations” as you would in a paper). You must also include a References slide at the end of the presentation with full citations for each in-text citation contained within the presentation. (Consider this the References page at the end of a paper.) Example citations & references slides are in BB, as well as a folder for APA Resources to help you format your citations. Ask me if questions!!!!

At least one source in the presentation must be a non-US source. Here are some suggestions: A comprehensive list of links to newspapers around the world Al Jazeera, an English language offshoot of Al Jazeera Arabic, the first independent news outlet in the Arab Word British Broadcasting Corporation; a British public service broadcaster United Nations World Health Organization

Other non-US perspectives may be found in NC Live. (Instructions for using NC Live are in our GIP folder in BB.)

Failure to provide citations, or any other academically dishonest behavior, will result in a grade of zero for the presentation or any of the homework assignments. Forms of academic dishonesty or inappropriate work include: copying/pasting information from a source without proper citation or quotation marks, copying/pasting large portions of a source (even with citation) so that the majority of your work is not your own words, failure to paraphrase and provide citations, copying/pasting from another person’s paper, submitting the work of another person as your own, fabricating data or sources. Please see your instructor if you have any questions or concerns about plagiarism, citing your work or APA format, in general.

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