correct an essay 3

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read the following requirements and correct with: change all the quotes and outsides sources,(include paraphrase), change them to another 3 suitable quotes, need to have quotes sandwiches, which means “introduction of the qoute +“”quote + exaniation of the quote”. and change the introduction and thesis, to make them related to the following paragraphs. check grammar and make this essay to an A.

the requirements of this essay is:

Essay Prompt: What is your chocolate story? (Your answer is your thesis!)

Minimum Requirements:

The essay contains a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The essay supports your thesis with appropriate quotes and paraphrases the author’s ideas.

Proofread, making sure that grammar errors don’t interfere with readability and comprehension and attempt to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Write a final draft answering the essay prompt (3-3.5 pages) and include a cover memo answering the three questions.

An “A” paper will meet all the minimum requirements AND…

The essay contains a thesis statement that gives the readers a clear idea of what you are critiquing.

Included are three quotes from texts and writing that shows you carefully unpacked and critiqued those quotes.

Develop ideas completely and wrap it up to conclude strongly.

Students should pay close attention to style and mechanics in all of your work by implementing the organization and writing skills introduced in this class.

Careful proofreading together with correct grammar and punctuation usage is crucial in this class. Although the spellchecker is a valuable tool, one that students absolutely should use, students cannot simply run a spell-check without also proofreading a paper. As we know, spellcheckers do not flag everything, and may incorrectly flag some items. Only careful proofreading can find all the errors. In conjunction with the spellchecker, also enable the Microsoft Word grammar checker to run concurrently with the spellchecker. Lack of proofreading — formatting, punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes — will result in an NP grade.

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