concert dance review 2 pages

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Analyze 1 dance. 1. Write about the meaning or emotion conveyed by the dance 2. And how various production elements (MOVEMENT, lighting, costumes, music, props…) contributed to the creation of the meaning or emotion. Explain why your interpretations are logical. Students are expected to discuss their interpretations in relation to at least 3 specific production elements, one of which must be the movement . ● Support your analysis by describing specific aspects of the movement performed. Some questions to ask yourself include: what were the primary movement motifs (repeated actions, gestures, or movement ideas); how were levels, the stage space, and spatial pathways used; how did the dancers interact? Provide specific, detailed examples, not just general comments! Students are expected to support their analysis with at least 1 detailed movement example from the dance . ● Include an introduction that presents what you intend to accomplish in your paper. Also include a conclusion that develops your thoughts further.

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