choose a band or artist from 20th century popular music and discuss the following topics

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History of American Popular Music Paper Guidelines

Due: Tuesday, 5/4

Topic: Choose a band or artist from 20th Century Popular Music and discuss the following topics: – Artist: Give an overview of their career: How they started, how they achieved success, major career events, etc. – Genre: What styles/genres of music did they write and/or perform? Who were they influenced by? Which later bands or artists did they influence? – Industry: Which studio/label did they sign with? What was their impact on the music industry, and what impact did the music industry have on them? – Technology: What was the role of technology in their career? What new technological ideas or innovations did they contribute? – Social Impact: How did social issues of the time impact their music and their career? Did their music/career have any lasting social impact?


– Minimum length of 5 pages, double spaced, standard font (11pt) and margins.

– Please include a separate title page with the following information:

Title (Including name of band/artist) Your Name MUS.132.60

– Please include a Reference page at the end with a minimum of 5 sources. Please only use physical sources or well-researched online sources.

– You may use whichever paper format you choose (MLA, Chicago, etc.). Please cite your sources and quotes. (Please use quotes sparingly, and only when necessary)

– Reminder: Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic zero. Plagiarism includes copying directly from your sources, not using proper quotes or citations, or otherwise presenting someone else’s writing as your own. Please use your own thoughts and narrative when structuring and writing your paper.

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