capstone board presentation 1

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Capstone – Final Board Presentation

Work instructions: Do a Capstone PowerPoint presentation from year 1-8 results?

  • This is a group presentation, and each student should cover a capstone sections such as; R&D, Marketing, production, Human Resources, and Finance
  • For me I will cover the Finance section ONLY.
  • So, for this the finance section in this presentation you have to cover the following area:
    • Finance Strategy
    • Funding Decisions
    • Leverage Ratio
    • Sales
    • Profits
    • Contribution Margin
    • Key Takeaways

Instructions about the contain of the presentation:

In the presentation you should explain the firm’s strategy and its evolution over the years.

  • Discuss results and key drivers/causes of those results. (most 3 important resylts)
  • Discuss the decisions made in the year 1-8 and the rationale for those decisions.
  • You should to explain everything by writing a detailed outline notes for each slide in the note (the slide note is down each slid).
  • Do in-text citation for any graph, photo, or table that have been used in the slides (cite from where you got the information of this graph, photo or even this table) means you need to write the Report name and page number
  • Please keep everything in the slide in black blue or gray.
  • Also, any graphs or tables you insert make sure the stats are blue and other stats are gray

To have a clear picture about what you should to do, please look at all the Board Presentation Examples on the attached files (especially on the finance part) as you will cover that only.

Also, I have attached Capstone reports for these years 1-8 to give you full access of all needed reports and information.

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