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FSE 201S Building Component Identification Project

(3 points each, ___/75 points total)


Use google earth to navigate downtown Richmond Kentucky in an effort to identify the following listed items. You will need to use google earth’s picture function to take a picture of the listed component. The pictures and components must come from the downtown Richmond, KY area. Everyone is responsible for taking their own pictures. Provide additional explanation “were required”. Assignment shall be submitted in Word format and will include the following:

· Title for each picture caption

· Picture

· Explanation of each picture (were required)

1. Stretcher Course Brick

2. Header Course Brick

3. Soldier Course Brick

4. Thrust Plates (exterior visible from outside)/& tie rods (interior/not visible from outside)

5. Built-up roof (this typically occurs when a flat or pitched roof has been built over or up with a pitched truss style roof. The hazard is with the extra concealed space.)

6. Concrete Block wall (exterior)

7. Veneered Brick Wall (exterior)

8. Stone Wall (exterior)

9. Glass Block

10. Clay Tile/Block

11. Load bearing brick wall (exterior) {Hint: look for header brick row in conjunction with stretcher course}

12. Steel Lintel

13. Concrete/stone Lintel

14. Brick or stone arch

15. Exterior Load bearing beam

16. Exterior Load bearing column

17. Type III building (explain why you think it is a type III building)

18. Type V building (explain why you think it is a type IV building)

19. Parapet Wall

20. Exterior Brick Crack (structural flaw) Explain why you think it is cracking.

21. Exterior Mortar Crack (structural flaw)

22. Deteriorating mortar joint

23. Structural Pilasters

24. Shared Block/Brick Wall (two connected buildings sharing the same exterior wall)

25. Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) (Hint: looks kind of like stucco and the building is a bank and the top of the walls and the covered entrance are tan)

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