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discussion 3879

During week 4 you were asked to find a publicly traded manufacturing company. For our week six discussion board post I would like you to select the same company. Go to their website and read about their products and operations. Then in your post list five costs that the company would incur. Explain what type […]

supply chain and economics

As a smart manager – you don’t want to be caught off guard in the meeting and/or forget to ask appropriate questions. Your job is to conduct research of the risks posed in each of these areas (countries) and formulate a questionnaire you would use to vet the companies during their presentation. Hint: there are […]

question about personalities

Part I: Personality Personality psychology is a sub-discipline in psychology. Many psychologists believe there are 5 fundamental dimensions to your personality. Depending where a person is on these 5 dimensions, that is his/her personality. Take the online personality test to see where you are at, http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ (Links to an external site.) What were the results […]

ac circuit homework in physics

Hello, I need your help on a homework about AC circuit in Physics. There are 4 questions on this homework. You can either do it by handwriting and scan it, or you can do it in Word document. All the instruction is on the pdf document call “ps9.pdf”. Thanks

rewrite circled part dartdrones project

Rewrite circled part in DartDrones Paper.pdf (page 12 and 13) , it is the answer for Section 3 inDart Drones 2020-1b.pdf( page 17) You can add more information or ideas for rewriting. Try to finish within 16 hours

labour economics 4

please answer the following questions 4 out of 5 and use simple words and grammar, please do not use external sources.

write an article about 500 words 7

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. Our next chapter is Integrated Marketing Communications. Integrated Marketing is the intersection of public relations and publicity, advertising, sales promotion and marketing to promote organizations, products and services. Once upon a time, a brand was an identifying mark burned onto livestock with a branding iron. […]