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Write a written paper with one inch margins all around using a font size of 12.

You are asked to respond under each heading below instead of one long paragraph. Use the link below to go to the list of countries and select a country of interest and answer the following questions. You may copy the weblink and use the links as your references for this paper. Please be aware, that this is not intended to be a scholarly paper but a focus on content for learning.

  1. Select a country from the list and write a general short paragraph. You may want to comment on the size of the population etc.
  2. What is the dominant language spoken and how do you say the following comments in their language ( you can look this up on i.e Bemba in Lusaka,
  1. Good morning or evening or good night.
  2. How are you feeling?
  3. Where is your pain?
  1. What is the most common diet consumed in that country or culture?
  1. How have you incorporated cultural congruent care in caring for patients using the nursing process?

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