aspa 3970 popular cukture in east asia

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It is important to have an argument or a set of arguments and to make your essay cohesive rather than an unconnected list of terms/concepts. You do not need to stick to a strict “five paragraph essay” structure, but something like five paragraphs should be enough to make your main points without adding extraneous information. You should draw on the readings, powerpoints, and lectures to write your essay, but you do not need to add citations unless it’s a direct quote or paraphrase, or something specific like a statistic.

Having explored popular culture in general and how to define it, and having examined it in the Japanese and Korean contexts, for this exam I’d like you to talk about China, broadly construed (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese Diaspora). The same questions that applied to Japan/Korea are relevant here: what defines Chinese popular culture and how does it relate to broader trends like globalization? How has recent history been reflected in popular culture, and what can this tell us about Chinese society and culture more broadly? How do governments try to control or direct popular culture and how successful are these efforts?

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