article review 271

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Article Review

Management vs. Leadership

For the Leadership vs. Management article review in BUS 270 I, students are expected to fully read and digest the article provided by the instructor. Students will find the article relates to the course content and concepts in the selected modules.

Chapter 9 in the course iBook also provides students a good base of information to work from when considering the information presented in the article. For the article review students should consider how leadership styles are often framed by management theory. For instance, is the transformational style an indicator of leadership, whereas the transactional style is more suited toward management? How so? Or how not? Students can also find online resources such as this example I located of Seth Godin explaining how he views leadership distinctive from management: (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

To successfully complete the Article Review, students will submit a critical analysis of the theory presented in the Article. A critical analysis includes the fundamentals of the theory and the foundation upon which the author added to the subject. Students may choose to include additional articles or references to support materials presented in the review. A successful Article Review also includes a critique of the information as it relates to concepts presented in our course. Students are encouraged to apply the content in the article to concepts presented in the course.

A successful Article Review will be professionally written and formatted in APA style guidelines. Students are expected to include citations and references when and where appropriate. The submission should be at least two pages of written content and no more than three pages.

Article Reviews are to be submitted in Canvas by the assigned deadline.

Writing Standards for Article Reviews: Students submitted written work will be graded with the following criteria:

50% Content & Synthesis of Information

30% Quality of Writing

20% Creativity & Original Thought Contributions

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