art assignment 31

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150 words

culpture in the last decade has become more of a study on materials and form than a need to convey a story or a person. If you look through the video this week or your textbook, you’ll notice that much of the contemporary and modern sculpture tends to be abstract in some way. This week, I want you to compare a sculpture from antiquity (created before 1750) with a modern or contemporary piece. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What materials were used to create the sculptures? Are they traditional or contemporary?
  • What methods did the artists use to create them? Carving, modeling, etc….
  • Is the message for the pieces dependent on the material? Do you think the sculptures would be less convincing or successful if they were made from something else?
  • How do the two compare? Is it obvious that one is from the past and one from the present? Why or why not?
  • Were either of the pieces commissioned? How do you think this changed the creative process?
  • Were the pieces intended for any specific location? How were they meant to be viewed (if at all)?
  • Do either of the sculptures have a political/social message to give? How do the artists/ lives compare to one another?

Now for choosing the pieces. Below is a table of suggested pieces with their links, but you can choose any sculptures that interest you. You can also mix and match between the works listed below.

Ancient Contemporary/Modern
David. Michelangelo. Little 14 year old Dancer. Edgar Degas.
Terracotta Warrior. Qin Dynastry. China. Shirtfront and fork. Jean ARP.
Ashurbanipal hunting lions
Sky Cathedral. Louise Nevelson.
Apollo and Daphne. Bernini. Stairs. Rachel Whiteread.
Easter Island Moai. Untitled. Donald Judd.

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