art 100 quiz

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Please according to the PPT I attached answer the questions below.

Part 1.) Compare and contrast the following images. Describe the methods and techniques employed by each artist in detail. Use the vocabulary of compositional design in your analysis. Which of the 3 catagories do we apply to these images and defend your choice with specific details evident in the work. Left: Economos, Seated Nude, 1959; graphite on paper Right: Michelangelo, Ignudi, c1500; sinopia chalk on paper

Part 2.) Describe the uniquely different characteristics of these photographic images. Use the terminology related to photography in your discussion. Compare and contrast the compositional elements of each work. What do we know and not know about what has been presented? How do these images manipulate the viewer? Left: Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled, 1990 Right: Weegee, Untitled, 1940

Part 3.) Each image employs a different approach to the graphic arts. Compare and contrast eachwork and describe the varied aspects of the media and techniques in detail. What are the benefits of each method utilized by the artist?. Left: Albrecht Durer, Portrait of a Woman, 1500, Intaglio/Engraving on paper Right: Ernst Ludwig Kirshner, Head of a Woman1915, Wood cut on paper

Part 4.) Choose one of the following essay questions and use the image I attached to illustrate your arguments.

A.) Cite three positives the artist Wafaa Bilal gleaned from the Domestic Tension project.

B.) How does Kramer frame the discussion about art and decency? What mandated this discussion and response in the art world?

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